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Ali Cake’s Cooking School is a place for the home cook to become more confident and knowledgeable in the kitchen. My focus is to teach the whys and hows of methods, techniques and basic science principles so you have the freedom to step away from recipes and create more in the kitchen.

I believe cooking can be fun! Whether you are looking to dive deeper into the culinary world or you want to feel less stressed in the kitchen, welcome!

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Equipment I Swear By

Best Equipment for Roasting

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Here is everything you would ever to need to roast anything. To learn more about roasting you can read my post here. Just as a refresher, roasting using hot air (most commonly from an oven) to cook food. Sheet pan You can roast anything is a sheet pan. Veggies, chicken, roasts, fruit etc… I prefer […]


Smoke Point

The smoke point is the temperature at which oil or fat will burn and, you guessed it, smoke!  Why do I need to know smoke point? Because different oils have different smoke points, each type of oil lends themselves better to different cooking methods. Knowing the smoke point of the fat you want to use will […]

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