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Best Equipment for Roasting

Here is everything you would ever to need to roast anything. To learn more about roasting you can read my post here. Just as a refresher, roasting using hot air (most commonly from an oven) to cook food.

Sheet pan

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You can roast anything is a sheet pan. Veggies, chicken, roasts, fruit etc… I prefer to use a plain old aluminum sheet pan. You can use any type of tool on it and they are very affordable. I don’t like sheet pans with a nonstick coating or ridges or anything fancy. Non stick coating isn’t meant to last. It will wear away eventually and can chip off. Some sheet pans have ridges or grooves on them. The idea is its supposed to help with air flow and make the surface even more non stick. I don’t buy it. The ridges just get in the way of even more browning that can occur from direct contact on the sheet pan. You can’t go wrong with an aluminum sheet pan.

Cooling Rack

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A cooling rack has so many purposes in the kitchen. One being it elevates food that you are roasting to get more even cooking and browning. I love roasting meat on a cooling rack because it keeps meat out of it’s own juices so you get better browning. Again, I prefer a stainless steel with no non stick coating or anything fancy. The stainless steel won’t rust, chip off or wear away.

Dot thermometer

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One of the biggest game changers in the kitchen is a good thermometer. The DOT is an amazing tool when it comes to roasting meats. The probe can stay inside meat while it’s roasting and the display let’s you know exactly what temperature your meat is at. You set a temperature you want the food to reach and the DOT will alarm you when it reaches that temperature. I love the simple and accurate display.

Oil Bottle

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This is so nice to have near your stove. I use it for more things other than roasting. My 50/50 oil blend (you can read more about it here) is perfect for roasting veggies with. It is really nice to have oil ready to go and easy to grab. The glass bottle also helps control the amount of oil that comes out.

Fish spatula

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It’s called a fish spatula because its thing and flexible enough to gently flip or move fish once it is cooked. But it’s one of my favorite tools in the kitchen for lots of things. I like using a fish spatula when roasting because it is thin and flexible but sturdy enough to scrape anything stuck to the sheet pan.

Roasting Pan

Can be nice if you are roasting a big piece of meat with veggies surrounding it like potatoes and onions. A roasting pan is going to have higher sides to hold more juices and more pieces of food in it. But you can still roast anything in a sheet pan. Roasting pans do make for a beautiful presentation though.

I recommend getting a stainless steel roasting pan. It’s the best bang for your buck and will last you forever. Some roasting pans come with a rack of some kind but they are not totally necessary.

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