Hello! I'm Alissa, a classically trained chef who is passionate about teaching people how to cook through methods, techniques and basic science principles. I currently live in San Diego, California with my husband, Steve, and sweet dog, Nina. I love learning about food, eating good food, and cooking good food for my loved ones.

My Favorite Mise en Place Equipment

Bench Scraper

This is honestly one of my favorites tools in the kitchen. I think everyone should own a bench scraper. Use this to scoop food from your cutting instead of your knife. This also is great for baking to help transfer pie dough or to divide bread dough. And (as its namesake suggests) it’s the best tool to clean and scrape anything off your work surface. I like this bench scraper because it has a solid plastic handle and OXO is one of my favorite kitchen gadget brands.

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Epicurean Cutting Board

I was introduced to these cutting boards through my teaching job at Sur la Table where we use these for every class. They got put through an industrial dishwasher several times a day and did not warp. They are a non porous, composite material. So essentially they are a hybrid of a plastic cutting board and a wooden cutting board. They are easy on your knives, safe to cut meat on them, and do not warp over time. Just an overall great, durable cutting board.Their kitchen series cutting boards in particular are my favorite.

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Honing Steel

This is the best thing you can buy for your knives. A honing steel maintains the sharpness of your knife. I personally have a Wusthof knife so I use the Wusthof honing steel. I recommend getting a honing steel that is the same brand as your knife. But this Wusthof honing steel will work for any knife and I am a huge fan of their brand. Click here to watch a video I made on how to use one.

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Squeeze Bottle

A squeeze bottle is a versatile tool to have in your kitchen. I highly recommend getting one for oil to keep by your stove. These make your oil more accessible and gives you better control on the amount you use. They are also nice to have for homemade caramel sauce or chocolate sauce or vinaigrettes. I do not have these exact bottles but I love and trust OXO as a brand.

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Shelf Liner

A non slip shelf liner is perfect to use under your cutting board for stabilization. I use a wet paper towel but a non slip shelf liner is a great, reusable alternative. Just cut a piece that fits under your cutting board and you are good to go.

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Pepper Grinder

This is the pepper grinder I have and I love it. I like having control over the grind size and it fits comfortably in my hand. Using freshly ground pepper is a game changer. The flavor is so much better than pre ground black pepper!

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There are so many styles of crocks you can get. I love the simplicity of this one. Having a crock for essential tools by the stove makes it so much easier to cook.

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Salt Pig

A funny name for a simple tool that stores your salt. Ceramic salt pigs in particular are great because they help keep humidity away from your salt, which can make your salt clump. I like having an open salt pig so I don’t have to fuss with a lid while I’m cooking.

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Prep Bowls

I personally do not use little glass prep bowls but I liked that these bowls have lids so you can save prepped ingredients in your fridge for later.

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  1. Robyn Jones says:

    I have always wanted to know where to get little glass prep bowls from on the occasions that I prep recipes in advance such as for Thanksgiving. And I never heard of a salt pig, but I can see how having one will making cooking so much easier.

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