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What does “To Taste” actually mean?

“To Taste” or “TT” in a recipe is entirely dependent on you and your personal taste. To taste means seasoning your dish to the level of deliciousness that is perfect to you.

But that means you have to taste your food!

In this article I am specifically talking about salt. However, a lot of recipes include the word to taste on other ingredients like spices, herbs, hot sauce etc…

I am surprised at how many people do not taste their food before they serve it. Tasting your food helps you know if you have seasoned your food properly. Tasting your food before you serve it to your family or friends or even yourself should eliminate the need to put salt and pepper out at the table.

To season to taste, start by tasting your food. Take several tastes if you need to. Let the flavors sit in your mouth.

Can you taste the main flavor profiles of your dish? Does it taste a little bland? Close your eyes and savor the food in your mouth. If you have no idea what to look for that’s ok!

Add a little more salt (a hearty chef’s pinch, a tiny pinch won’t do anything), stir it in, let the salt dissolve completely and then taste your food again. Is it better? How does it taste to you? Do you think it needs a little more salt? If you still aren’t sure keep repeating this process until it reaches a taste that is pleasant to you.

Don’t overthink it. As you get more comfortable with seasoning your food and tasting as you go, you will find that sweet spot that is delicious to you.

Learning how to properly season your food takes a little practice especially if you don’t know what to look for. Trust your tastebuds and add just a little more salt.


  1. Kathy says:

    I taste everything during the cooking process. From batters and doughs to sauces. I think it is a secret to success. Thanks Ali

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